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Automotive Payment Processing


Working in the automotive industry, you know the ins and outs of your business. Whether you run a car dealership, auto repair service, paint and body shop, tire store, towing service, car wash or aftermarket service, you deal with many unique opportunities and challenges every day.


GlobalPay Payments knows credit card payment systems, and we have the experience and knowledge to provide effective merchant services and products to help you meet your requirements, remain competitive and boost your bottom line.


We’re experts at working with all industry sectors and finding viable solutions for dealing with:


  • A varied and demanding customer base
  • Large ticket totals
  • Collecting payment when services are rendered
  • Higher-than-average risk factors
  • Non-traditional points of service/sale

Competitive Payment Solutions

GlobalPay Payments knows that small and medium-sized automotive merchants face stiff competition every day from mega-retailers and chain auto supply stores that can leverage their size and high volume when dealing with manufacturers and suppliers. Being able to choose from a menu of solutions can only work in favor of your business, so we help level the playing field by offering a comprehensive variety of payment solutions including:

  • E-commerce processing
  • Internet processing
  • Loyalty and rebate programs to reward your customers
  • MOTO (mail order/telephone order) processing
  • PIN debit card processing to reduce processing fees
  • POS retail processing
  • Processing software
  • Wireless processing

Diversified automotive merchants with multiple store locations and/or non-traditional points of sale can choose from GlobalPay Payments full menu of credit card processing options to get exactly the services they need. For example, our electronic payment gateway, offers payment processing via any device with Internet connection and a multi-merchant/multi-user platform if your auto business operates out of more than one space.

Mobile Pay Credit Card Processing

GlobalPay Payments leverages its payments processing expertise to deliver effective payment processing solutions to the automotive market that are designed to meet the requirements of each individual merchant. We know, for example, that the point of service/sale for towing companies is on the road, making them prime candidates for a mobile credit card processing solution. We can show you ways to significantly reduce your credit card processing costs by going mobile; contact us to find out how.

Simply sign up for a mobile merchant account with GlobalPay Payments, download the mobile processing app, attach a credit card swipe reader to your mobile device and you’re good to go!


Our solutions work in conjunction with the iPad miniTM or Google Nexus 7TM tablets, replacing the need for a cash register and terminal to process payments and track sales in store or in the field. Designed to meet the needs of startups and smaller businesses operating out of one location with a few employees, it can be used solo or to expand the reach of our main point-of-sale and solution.


GlobalPay Payments secure mobile credit card processing option that turns your iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device into a terminal on the go. It replaces error-prone manual data entry with a simple card swipe that accepts virtually all major credit cards and signature debit cards while Mobile payment solutions from GlobalPay Payments deliver credit card processing that’s streamlined, secure and helps keep your business running efficiently.


Choosing the Right POS System
There are a significant amount of point of sale systems in the marketplace which offer the functionality you need to more efficiently and effectively operate your business. So many proposed solutions and so little time to take away from managing your business; we know researching for POS systems can be overwhelming, GlobalPay Payments, LLC., has partnered with some of the top POS providers in the country, making the right choice now can save you a ton of time and money later down the road.

We take the hassle out of the equation allowing you to have clearly presented information to make an informed decision about a point of sale system with which our payment processing integrates seemlessly.  Learn More ...
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